Our Clients

Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, hair transplant clinics, medical device and product companies, and other (aesthetic) healthcare providers worldwide are using our managed live chat services.
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This is what your peers say:

Dr. Steven Weiner

I have used a BOT-based Live Chat in the past, but the human agents from ChatPatient are able to convert much more website visitors into consultations” 



Dr. Brian M. Kinney, MD, FACS, Plastic Surgeon (USA)

“The team of ChatPatient helped us increase our service level and conversion ratio significantly. Their friendly agents are ready to assist our online patients 24/7”



Trish Hammond, CEO Plastic Surgery Hub (Australia)

“We have been using the ChatPatient platform for several months now. It’s been a wonderful resource and seems to ‘build’ on information as we go along. We have managed to capture over 200 leads in a very short time and can only see it get better and better. I have no hesitation in recommending ChatPatient to any clinic. It’s like having a 24/7 liaison service for your clinic. These days people seem to want instant gratification – it’s the perfect solution.”


Run Samarakoon, Director, Cosmetic Avenue (Australia)

“With the live chat service from ChatPatient we increased our online conversions tremendously, the ROI is excellent”



  Professor Marcos Sforza, Plastic Surgeon (UK) 


“The managed live chat service from ChatPatient is a great way to get more new patients, directly from your website”.



Christiana O’Regan  (CEO)

“I think this is an exceptional service.  The Chat Patient Consultant actually sold procedures within the first few days of installation.  I wasn’t expecting this kind of result.  What was most impressive was how much detail that they put into understanding how we wanted enquiries managed.  This service is very different from other online chat hosting.  This feels like a committed and knowledgeable staff member is giving information.”

Dr. Med Rolf Bartsch, Plastic Surgeon (Austria)

“ChatPatient’s managed live chat really improved our conversion ratio, especially in the evenings and on weekends”





Other clients:



We launched our own in-house web CHAT service last year but quickly encountered limitations and frustrated enquirers. Firstly our busy staff struggled to multi-task and provide a really responsive chat service to those enquiring about our treatments. Secondly, we realised that many enquiries arrived outside of our working hours when we could not respond. This meant we missed a fair number of potential new patients and we needed another solution. I was skeptical about a third party CHAT service, but the Chatpatient implementation is progressing very well and I am impressed how quickly their team members have learned our business. Also, by their positive enthusiasm for feedback and proactive drive for continuous improvement”.  
Paul Snowsill, Director, www.LaserVision.co.uk

The Derm

ChatPatient allows us to continue to provide excellent customer service to patients interested in our dermatology services 24/7.  This service has increased our online conversions and provides a great return on investment.
Joel Brodsky, Director   www.TheDerm.com