Case studies on private clinics

The last decade completely revolutionized the medical industry. Firstly with the increased demand for private healthcare and consequently strong competition. Along with social media invasion of all medical fields. It became critical not only to have a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram and a Twitter profile became also mandatory. And that is exactly where our services come in hand. Have a look at how the following specific industries are profiting from our services;

Aesthetic Clinics

The first step towards the first consultation is crucial and hard for all aesthetic patients. Especially in the aesthetic field, where many patients are insecure and afraid to book that very first consultation finally.  So why would they choose you as a specialist?

Mostly based on the impression of the first consultation. However, before even getting to that first meeting, your potential patients made their research on your clinic online. The initial contact before even speaking to a doctor plays a very big part in the decision-making.  Therefore that connection has to be as easy as possible.  How could it be a better way to do that through live chat?

Our agents know all aesthetic procedures and can answer crucial questions such as downtime, differences between several procedures, risk, and costs. They always answer in line with your clinic’s standards and only give the answers on pricing, brands etc that you approved during the onboarding, thanks to our smart chat system. 
The goal of the chats is simple: get you more qualified consultation bookins.

Dental Practices



We are a unique family of dentists that have a passion for advanced dentistry and a commitment to provide our patients and the community the very best dental experience.

Practice Goal

We needed to increase new patient flow with an emphasis on bringing in additional patients to support a new associate doctor. While we had previously been marketing in different medias, we did not have a consistent strategy or plan. Unsure of where to spend our precious marketing dollars, it is imperative to know the most effective marketing to reach these goals.

Why We Chose Chatpatient

Market research and strategy, website design,full practice branding, internal marketing campaigns, full advertising medias including billboards, bring, public relations and direct mail.