Meet Our Team

Wouter Slettenhaar


Wouter Slettenhaar has over 20 years of experience in Online Marketing and Sales.
As former Vice President APAC and Area Manager Europe for Crisalix 3D, he knows the Aesthetic Industry as no other.
In his role with Crisalix he opened new markets and as their leading sales representative he elevated Crisalix to become the most used 3D platform in the industry.
Wouter started his first Online Company, HousingOnline in 1999 and was the Sales Director of LocalTelecom, a voice based online solution provider for Call Centers (VOIP).
Wouter speaks English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Russian

Jasper Wijbenga


Jasper has an entrepreneurial background and as his last role as Area Manager Europe for Crisalix 3D he managed and grew the European sales team and controlled the German Speaking Countries (DACH).
Jasper is well-acquainted with the specific German regulations in the Aesthetic industry.
Jasper speaks English, German and Dutch

Tanya Tokmachieva

Accounting Manager

Tanya is familiar with the Aesthetic industry, having worked in several roles at Crisalix 3D. She also has worked on various accounts at multiple companies. In her latest role, she controlled all accounting and administrative tasks for FF Marketing.

Tanya speaks English, Spanish and Bulgarian

Our Chatmates

Our dedicated 24/7 team of Chat Agents are all trained specifically for the Medical and Aesthetic industry (including Dental).
Many on our chat staff have medical backgrounds – including those who are licensed nurses.
Just click on the chat button now to get to know them. They are always happy to talk to you!